Megan Poehler


New Job!

My first job out of college is working as a web developer with Make It Minnesota. I just completed my first project which was updating a website with Wordpress and editing the theme’s code in Dreamweaver. I’m really excited about this opportunity and look forward to getting paid for something I do for fun. Yay coding!

This was for a film in the 2013 Red Eye Film Festival. I was in charge of promotions for this production. I took photos and updated social media, along with producing and editing this behind-the-scenes/promo video with interviews with the crew and B-roll footage.

Learn more about this project here.

'Vocal C(h)ords' - Red Eye Film Festival

This year I got to be a part of the Red Eye Film Festival (one weekend to shoot and edit a film) again, this time promoting a film, and not being involved in the production process. It was fun to be able to sit back and watch it all happen, and not having to be stressed about getting the film done on time (even if I did have to stay up until 5am one night!).

I was on set during set up and while filming, taking pictures and creating Facebook updates as we went. I also filmed interviews during breaks and edited together a behind-the-scenes/promo video that was released the day of the premiere. [Link to video]

Here are some samples from the Facebook page:





Internship with Radio Mankato

This summer, I worked as a promotions intern at a local radio station, Radio Mankato. The stations KTOE, KFAN, KXAC (Oldies 100.5), KXLP, KDOG (Hot 96.7), and KATO (MN 93) are located there. I did some online work, and went with the on-air staff to live broadcasts and events. I learned a lot about the radio and entertainment business and about the work environment in general. 

At these events, which included small and big concerts, baseball games, and parades, I would help set up banners around the area, play bean bags or other activities with kids, hand out merchandise, and talk with people. I also assisted with the on-air staff at live broadcasts, from the local town carnival, and remotes, which took place in the mornings on weekends at grocery stores and car dealerships. 

With the online work, I usually came in two days a week, creating events pages for the websites, writing blog posts, and updating poll questions, as well as other office work. I also helped with the morning shows a few times, where I updated the website and Facebook page, answered callers, and helped with show content.

When school started again, I finished my credit for the internship with my college, but I continued to work as an intern at the station on my own. I came in one day a week in the mornings to work with the Top 40 station (Hot 96.7) morning show, as well as various events. I did a lot of video work, short videos that we film during or outside of the show which get posted on the Facebook page, some audio work, posting clips from the show on the website for listeners to hear later, and also updated the Facebook page


- Meeting the lead singer of Everclear with the staff -

PromaxBDA Conference

In June, I was blessed to have received a scholarship to go to the PromaxBDA marketing and promotions conference in LA. I was chosen along with 9 other scholars from around the country to attend this conference with marketing professionals from the television industry.

I met a lot of people who were the heads of marketing for major networks, and I talked to some social media people, including the one who runs the social media for one of my favorite TV shows, “Glee”.  I also saw Jack Osbourne speak, saw Piers Morgan walking down a hallway, and listened to comedian Jay Mohr as he hosted the awards show. 

I am so grateful to have been a part of the conference. A lot of people I met said to keep contact about future opportunities so hopefully something will come from that.

Oh, last thing, I also just happened to see the one and only Mark Hamill. I was internally screaming the whole time. It was pretty awesome.